Thursday, 5 February 2015

Staying Organised With Life

Hey Everyone!

One thing that I've realised this year is that everything I hated I now like. For example I used to hate planners/agendas/diaries (whatever you call them). But I recently purchased one, because it's much better to write things down instead of typing them on your phone, as it's easier to remember something that you've wrote down.

It was a hard task when trying to find the perfect agenda, because there's so many layouts and patterns. I looked everywhere and found this one randomly in Urban Outfitters, as I never knew they sold agendas.

It's very different to what I would go for, but I like it.
It's also covered by plastic which make it more durable as it will not get scratched or ripped easily.
You can actually place things inside the front cover.

The first pages are the monthly view of the month.

Then a double page spread of the week with times for each day.

The surprising part of this agenda is that at the back it contains the subway map of 6 main cities and I just get over how Tokyo's subway map looks like..

It's the subway with the most routes. 

Even though this is A6 it comes with a lot of space and storage for extra things, both available at the front..

and back..

I use this all the time and take it with me anywhere, because it's only A6 so it pretty much fits everywhere.

In extra detail the paper is thin and really good quality.

It's currently out of stock on the UO website as this is an online exclusive, so I'm not sure if it will be available, but you can get it here for £6.97 or it can be found by 'Mark's Inc.'

I recommend an agenda especially if your life is starting to get busier than normal, like mine with exams and stuff.

Also there's no chance of it getting deleted unless the page is ripped out.

Happy Thursdays!  :D