Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hey Everyone!

It's Rant Sunday and this week it's about Pandora.

I love their jewellery, but when it comes to exchanging I hate it.

It all began when I received a gift from Pandora from a family member, which was a charm for the bracelet but I lost my bracelet and ended up finding it completely ruined, as in it was no longer silver. It came with the gift receipt and so with that I decided to exchange it, (so that I could have something that I could actually wear). I saw this ring that I loved and wanted. I also checked how much the charm was and it was £30.

I had to go to school the next day and so my Mum would do the honours to exchange it. I came home to the same with what I left. Apparently the gift receipt wasn't enough, even though they tell you that with a gift receipt you can exchange an item. All I was thinking was couldn't she just look it up, because it was only available in silver and was a snake. It was pretty much easy enough to look up and know the price.

As I'm a nice person I just thought how she could have been having a bad day and so was extremely lazy.

That's that rant for this Sunday and another will be seen next Sunday, but until then..

Happy Sundays!  :D


P.S  - I did realise that I said Wednesday when in was Tuesday in my last post, I was just tired.