Tuesday, 10 February 2015

NO. 7 Beautiful Skin Exfoliator Review

Hey Everyone!

'I'm back right at it again,' and if you know which song this comes then you've just found out my favourite band.

Anyways I'm back with a purifying exfoliator by No.7, called Beautiful Skin. I've never tried any skin products by No.7, so I thought I would last year and so far it's good.

I love it when exfoliators have a 'salty texture' to them which I believe is some sort of salt, because I just feel like it cleanses my skin better. I normally apply this when I'm having a shower/bath, because if you leave it for a while it feels like a mask, which can easily be removed by water. This leaves a nice finishing on my skin and does feel somewhat exfoliated.

It's also very true that it 'deeply cleanses, purifies and helps unblock pores,' because I see a difference when I do and when I don't use this product.

One thing that I'm not so sure about is that it make your 'oily skin behave like normal skin,' because my skin is oily and it still is. They do say to only use this twice a week which is what I do, but my skin is still oily and if there is a difference then it's a very small difference. 

It's priced at £8.50 which is an affordable price for an exfoliator that cleanses, purifies and helps unblock pores. 

I would recommend this product for the purpose that it 'deeply cleanses, purifies and helps unblock pores,' but not for those who would use this product as a treatment for oily skin, as it doesn't work in that manner.

Happy Wednesday!  :D