Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Why I hate (& like) mirrors?!

Hey Everyone!

Mirrors have been the subject that hasn't left my head and I just keeping thinking about why I hate them, with a bit of why I like them too.

If you're new to my blog you might be thinking how weird and strange I am with this post, but I have just got to get this out of my mind.

Why I HATE Mirrors

  • You can never trust then, except for on thing. For example, on one day a mirror made be look thinner, but then on another day I saw that the mirror made me look bigger than the day before. This is so annoying, because then I won't know if the thinner or bigger version was what I really looked like.
  • You can only have one, so that it tells you the same thing each time. For instance, I used to own     two full length mirrors and they were VERY similar, but they told two different things. So I was glad that when that little girl came round (a.k.a Sandra) broke one of them.
  • They make me feel like someone is spying on me, because I always see myself and just think about how someone could be spying on me. I know it's kinda of a possible way to spy through, but this is just something I've thought about since a young age.
  • They also get dirty very quickly and I sometimes don't know how. I guess most of it is from make up, but what about all the rest of the finger marks and random scratches? --> on full length mirrors.
  • The last point might only be related to me, but I sometimes do the occasional long stair at the mirror and feel like everything in the background that can be seen on the mirror is moving. How weird? So to summarise this last point it makes my imagine weird things.

Why I LIKE Mirrors
  • The only thing you can trust them with is what you actually look like, because if you can see the person standing next to you reflected onto the mirror and they look like them, then you should look like you on the mirror.  
  • They make pictures look great, especially if you're trying to show off your outfit..


  • Without them make up would be a disaster to handle, as you wouldn't be able to see for yourself. Like if you have actually applied mascara to you eyelashes and not your eyebrows.

The rant is over about mirrors, as that was everything I had to say about them and now I feel somewhat relieved.

Hopefully you liked something different and random.

Happy Tuesdays!  :D