Friday, 16 January 2015

Is it worth a PORE?

Hey Everyone!

Another review is back, but this time it's a benefit product and you've have probably guessed which product it is by the title ... 'The Porefessional.'

'The POREfessional' by Benefit is basically a face primer, but as it says on the back it's to 'minimise the appearance of pores.' I have been using this product for over a month now on an everyday basis and love it, as it makes my make up stay on my face for the day. I love how light this primer is, because it doesn't make you feel like you have a lot of weight on your face. 

I decided to get the smaller size, which is basically the sample size. I thought it would be best to spend around the £10 mark instead of about £24 for a product I'm not 100% sure on. I do love Benefit products, but there might be a few that I just can't stand and this is not one of them.

You all probably know that I love to smell products before buying them, but this product defiantly passes the test. It reminds me of a hand creme smell, but I love how when you apply it you can hardly smell it on your face.

To be completely honest I think is does and doesn't minimise the look of pores, because sometime I can see a difference around my nose area, but then at times there is not difference. I only have pores around my nose and cheeks, but I guess if I had more pores I would defiantly be able to see the difference for all the time it was applied. 
To apply I just use my fingers and apply is all over my face, as there might be some areas that I don't know about, that might contain pores.

Is it worth a PORE?
I mainly use it, because it's a great primer and I need to hide those pores. But to answer the question it's a great product I would recommend it. The price though of £24.50 is quite a lot, but if you plan on using this primer everyday then it will defiantly be worth it's price.

A dupe for this could be the well known Baby Skin by Maybelline, (Instant Pore Eraser) for £7.99 which does the same job in a different way.

Happy Fridays!  :D


If it snows tomorrow like it's meant to, I will show you with a lot of pictures.