Sunday, 25 January 2015

If it worth a Smash?

Hey Everyone!

I have finally found a product that I regret buying and that is the Smashbox Full Exposure.

The day I bought this I didn't really want it and the only thing that made me buy this palette was that the palette I was looking for was sold out. In store it looked great with the perfect shades for everyday wear, so I was convinced it should be good. I was wrong...

As you can see mine is pretty dirty, as I've had it since it first came out. It's token me a while to think about this palette, as I thought it could somehow work for me even with it problems, but I gave up.

I like how when the sun hits the front cover you see a 'rainbow.'

This palette doesn't come with names for the shades, which can be quite annoying when talking about a specific shade. 

The top row is all of the shimmers and the bottom row is all of the matte shades. I love my matte shades, which was a reason why this caught my eye. They are all beautiful colours with no random colours that don't match up.

The problem is the pigmentation of these shades, as the colour you see on the palette is not what you get on your eyelids.

It took me a few times to scrub out the colour of this dark brown matte shade. But when you go to apply this to your eyelids with a brush most of it's dark brown colour is lost. So you have to keep applying coats until you get the colour, which wastes time if you're in a hurry. 

Blending is a bit easier, as the pigmentation is bad.

The shimmers are also a problem with this palette, because either with your finger or a brush it's hard to get the shimmer onto your eyelid without reapplying it. 

This is a swatch from the 3rd colour in from the right. 

It's a beautiful colour, but it hardly visible and has the problem with actually portraying it's colour on your eyelid, like all shimmers. 

I mostly regret it because I paid £37 for a palette with poor pigmentation, when pigmentation is an important part for any powdery formula. Even thought this is the same price as the Naked Palettes it's cheeper as it comes with 14 shades, which is 2 more shades than the Naked Palettes. 

For Christmas I did an eye look with this palette, but it took me an hour to get the colours I wanted on my lids and the colours still didn't look bold or the colour the palette said it would be.

This has also made me not wanting to purchase their new palette call, 'Smashbox Double Exposure,' but if you have let me know how it's like.

You can still go ahead and buy it if you still want to.

Anyways that's all what I have to say about my first ever Make Up product that I regret.

Happy Sundays!  :D