Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Precious Perfume : Chloe

Hey Everyone!

Every year I receive a new perfume for Christmas, which I try to use for the whole year until the next Christmas, where this cycle will repeat.

But this year it came early.

I have probably said this a million times or I think I have, but I HATE don't like perfumes with floral or sweet scents, because I'm not 100% sweet like the bottle says. I do like perfumes that might have a floral or sweet scent, but something else in the perfume has to break it down to make it like 40% sweet. With this it makes it hard to find the right perfume for me, but I think I have finally find the best perfume for me..

This perfume is Chloe Eau de Parfum.

This perfume is addictive. If I don't have it on I need to smell it. It's like a drug. I just love it so much.

The packaging for this perfume is beautiful and goes well with the scent. This signature scent is meant to embody the creativity and confidence of the user. It does make me feel confident, with a lot of complements from both genders. 

I am the worst at describing scents, but this one is like what I was looking for - "Sweet in some way, but something in the perfume breaks the sweet scent,"

I did get the smallest size, because it's a safe size to start with, as I didn't know if I was going to wear this perfume all the time. 

This perfume does last a long time. For example, I sprayed it on my wrists and neck area, where by 2pm the scent on my wrists were gone, but the scent on my neck area was still there. 

The price starts at £45 (30ml) to £75 (75ml), which can be pricy for an everyday perfume, unless it's a gift. But in other words it will only cost you £45 for the whole year, if it's the only perfume you will spend money on. 

I would recommend this, but only if this is your type of scent, because everyone has a type of scent. Plus don't get distracted by the packaging of the box, because the surprise inside might not match.

Happy Holidays!  :D