Monday, 8 December 2014

First Lush

Hey Everyone!

I am so so sorry for being off so long, but its because of what happened, and you can read it here.


Moving on, I tried my first ever lush product the over day, and its called Dashing Santa.

I am probably the only one, who HATES baths, as I think it sound quite disgusting bathing in your own dirt. So I thought a bath bomb from lush could help, but so far nothing.

P.S - This has been in the same basket as the other bath bombs, so the colours have mixed and this was taken before I used it. 

There are a few reasons why I have delayed my purchase, because I wasn't sure if it was worth it. This 'Dashing Santa' was £2.95 which isn't a bad price, aw well as, the most popular one in store, with only 2 left as I picked this one.

Also this bath bomb includes glitter, which I didn't notice in store, and if you're like me then you might not like it floating around in your bath. I read a recent post about Lush Christmas Bath Bombs, and a comment came up talking about if it could give you yeast infection or anything along those lines. But I don't know if it's true or not.

I have also heard, that this particular one puts people off, because your bath does end up turing all red, which just makes you remember about the monthly gift by mother nature. But being the weird person I am, I thought it would look cool, as if I was dying or been stabbed so I'm constantly bleeding. I don't know. It just reminds me of a crime scene, and I love anything alike.

I do love how this bath bomb contains a few oils, because oils help with softening the skin. But I have also realised that, even before placing the bomb in the bath it already made my hands even softer, which was a big surprise, as it wasn't in the bath yet. 

I do plan on purchasing more, just to try out all of the others, and mainly the ones not with glitter.  I definitely have got my eye on Brandy Butter, because the sample smelt so good in store and just looked amazing. It was sold out in store and online, so I couldn't try it out, but maybe this Saturday I'll take a peak in store. 

Happy Mondays!  <3


* PLUS I am currently doing mocks in school, as I am in Year 11, so the next post might be sometime later this week. It was 3 exams down today, but another 5/6 left to go. Wish me luck!  :D