Saturday, 11 October 2014

iMac Newbie Problems

Hey Everyone!

I have recently purchased a new computer, because my last one was about 5 years old and was too slow to handle with someone like me, who likes to get everything done early. 
I went for an iMac, keeping in mind I've always had Windows computers/laptops, so I probably knew nothing on how to use it, which leads to embarrassing stories...

Magic Trackpad

Instead of a mouse I thought I would be more modern with my choices, and so I went for the Magic trackpad. When the iMac was on it's way for delivery, I was making sure I knew how to use it before it got here, by reading and watching how & to's.

But when it arrived I had no idea how to use it, because I kept using it as a mouse by tapping to click, but it just wouldn't work out. I had to watch and read to find out what I was doing wrong, and you've probably guessed it. Instead you were meant to press down on the trackpad, because theres 2 buttons on the bottom, so as you press down they click. I felt so stupid, because everything would say click, which now makes sense on what they were talking about.

Random Sounds

The shortcuts are completely different on the iMac, as you have to use the command button and not control. So here I got again thinking I know how to easily copy and paste, but then all of a sudden this noise just happens to appear to indicate that you can't do that. I thought I could have had a heart attack, because it was unsuspected, as well as, on the highest volume know for computers. This also happened when I would 'trash' some documents/images, because it also makes a noise and I always get surprised, because I can never be asked to turn the volume down.

Random Swipes

The trackpad has a very smooth texture and I love it so much, that when I'm bored I would just swipe to find new tricks. Then I swiped to the right and it was a whole new thing, that I didn't know how to get out of, so I just re-did every gesture to get back. I also JUST found out that you could also do the same thing, but by swiping up. Because I LOVE the texture so much, all I basically do is keep on scrolling up and down pages, because it really is fun...yep I said fun...

When the keyboard would sometimes not work
I don't know if this is normal, but the caps lock on the keyboard sometimes doesn't work and so you have to press it, like 5 times until it works. But because I type fast I never see it, so when I had finished the paragraph I would have to go back and check it, and the capitals too. Also some symbols (e.g. " @) are in different places and so I would just think that the keyboard was broken, but then my dumb moment disappeared and realised what I was doing.

So far these are the only problems that I have to get used to, but for the meantime I hope I have discovered everything that I need to know, so that I don't feel felt out in the whole iMac thing. or whatever you call it.

Happy Saturday!  :D