Sunday, 26 October 2014

Childhood Confessions

Hey Everyone!

I can remember things since a young age, and so because of that there are some times in my childhood, where I was stupid or something along those lines.


If you can't already tell who's me I'm the very first kid from the left, then it's my mum and sister. Everyone else is just part of the family :)

It might not look like it, but when I was younger I used to cry for every single, little thing. It could have been from a piece of paper to a toy. I remember that I would sometimes be crying and have not enough tears left, because I cried so much. Even if it was something amazing my reaction would still be to cry. I would say at least ONCE a day I would cry.
One interesting fact is that, because of all this crying my mum was saying how I could be the perfect actor, if I ever needed to cry, because I was so used to it.
Now I hardly ever cry, which is worrying as my mum says.

Party Pictures
For this one I really wish I could have found a picture, just to show you exactly what I mean, but I'll describe instead. So when ever it was my birthday party, or any party based around me I wouldn't take any photos. For example, when it was my First Holy Communion I went upstairs to change dress so that I didn't have to take pictures with the cake or anything. But that plan didn't go well, because I still had to take pictures, and because there wasn't any time it had to be the the dress I changed into, which was purple.

I was a complete girly girl when I was younger with all of the Barbies, but it was serious stuff when it came to things like Barbie weddings...

I designed their dresses, church ceremonies, after parties, hair, nails, and even make up. When it came to nails I would use real nail vanish on Barbies, same with make up, but with dresses I would use kitchen roll and any ribbons to make a bow. 
It wasn't just dresses it was also for everything, like when a Barbie would be pregnant I would put tissue under her clothing to make her stomach look big, or I would use the kitten as a supermarket, where they brought cookies for dinner. 

Pretty much none knows this, but I was a very selfish child, and when I mean very I mean not wanting the sister I have now. Looking back I find it funny, because I wouldn't let my sister play with any of my toys and if I saw her with one I would go and take it off her. I also now understand why I was so selfish, because I guess I wanted to be independent and not have people touch my stuff.

Apart from crying I was a super loud child, I would scream to mostly get my own way, but sometimes it was just because I felt like it. My mum told me that when we were living in Madeira, she went outside to do some gardening and she could hear me cry from the upstairs bedroom. She also said that when I heard her voice I calmed myself down, but I would still be loud.  

I do have a lot more, but I was a very dramatic child or even I was just learning to be myself...

Happy Sunday :D