Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Best Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner

Hey Everyone!

I love liquid eyeliner so much, that I wear it everyday even when I don't leave the house. It's also an addiction to do it perfectly, so in order to get it the way I want it to look I need a good eyeliner. It can be quite hard to find an affordable eyeliner that does the job, for an everyday look.
For me I prefer thin pen type eyeliners, because it's easier to apply and build up if needed, to create a more bold look.

Super Liner by L'Oreal  Ultra Precision

I have now been using this liquid eyeliner, since the beginning of September, but I wanted to fully 'analysis' this product. I actually brought the waterproof version of this eyeliner first and I loved that, but then I realised it was waterproof, so I had to make another trip to the shops. 

It is by far the best drugstore liquid eyeliner, that I have ever used and this is why...

The liner is a sponged tipped pen, which I guess makes the actual liquid of the liner soak in, so that there's enough liquid to be used, sometimes a bit too much, (with this I like to scrape some off back into the pot). Because the liner is thin, it's eaiser to create more than one look. For instance, if you're feeling more dramatic, you could build up on the eyeliner and finish off with a dramatic wing.

I also love the shape of the eyeliner as it's the perfect shape, to grip on when you're applying. I sometimes use my knee/desk as a base, so that my hand doesn't shake during the application.
This eyeliner is rich in it's colour, as it stays black and not dark grey after it has dried. 

At £6.48 you could purchase this liner, which is an amazing price, especially if you are planning on using this for everyday use, like me. I recently found out, that you can also purchase this liner in other colours, like blue or purple, but I think I will stick with the black, in my case.

One thing that can be annoying with this eyeliner, is that for the most part you might have to be shaking it up, and by this I mean sometimes the liner doesn't reach the bottom of the tube, so by shaking it the liquid goes up to reach the liner.

I have been wearing this eyeliner, since 8 am this moring and it still looks like before.

Overall, this is the BEST DRUGSTORE Liquid Eyeliner for the above reasons, it's just like I keep saying perfect for everyday, and for other events too. 

Happy Wednesday!  :D