Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tropical Garden | Madeira 2014

Hey Everyone!

Back in Madeira, when we visited a Tropical Garden, which was made by someone who immagrated to South Africa, and with the money earnt he spent some, to create this garden. Which is BEAUTIFUL, and I haven't seen anything like this in the whole of Madeira, that I've seen.

The garden was also really big, and we took about 2 to 4 hours walking around without stopping, until we found a cafe on the other side of the garden. But I recommend going early so that you have all the time you want, and also bring confortable shoes, because my shoes just made my feet sweat, and nearly falling back, when climbing up big steeps.

On this same day, instead of taking a car, bus or taxi, we took a cable car..

It was a fun experiance, but my mum really didn't like it, and you can tell by how she would be 'pretending' to bite her nail, but with a scared face, (maybe she's scared of heights?).

More of Madeira to come.

Happy Saturday!  :D