Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chewing Gum Stories

Hey Everyone!

The idea of this post all began at school, where someone was close to choking to death on a piece of chewing gum, and it's not the first time this school year I've heard this.

Anyways, it made me think about the childhood craze with chewing gum, where you were too young for chewing gum, but by having chewing gum it made you feel older, like me when I was around 5 or 6.

The only close photo I had to young was back in 2011...  #tbt

Let's just pause for a moment and pay close attention to the most creepiest smile ever on Christmas Day.

First Chewing Gum
My favourite chewing gum at the time was Juicy Fruit. I loved it so much, that after the taste was gone I would swallow the whole gum. But this only lasted a day, as later on my Mum saw that all of a sudden I wasn't chewing and told me that what I was doing was wrong, (by saying how it will take 7 years to digest). With this I never had chewing gum for a long time, until I was old enough to control what I do.

Prank with Gum
Now that my sister was allowed chewing gum, we would have this type of club, where all we do is chew gum and talk about life, like going out for a catch up with a friend. But because I'm an amazing sister I would tell her that if you swallow your chewing gum it give you good luck, for 7 years. My sister really didn't have doubts at the age of 7, so she just believed it. Some how she managed to find out that I was lying and also never had chewing gum again, and she's 12 now, but still hates chewing gum unless it's a strawberry flavoured gum.

Gum in Hair
Gum in hair can be very common, but when I was younger my cousin got her chewing gum somehow in her hair. The whole drill is to put it in the fridge, but because it was in her hair, a bit of hair had to be cut off. I was fine. She was fine, but she got mad and blamed me, when I didn't do it.
Later on in the day, I felt something pulling on my hair, and guess what it was ... chewing gum!
Like her I also had to have a strand of hair cut, and I am 100% sure it was her, who wanted revenge even though I didn't do anything.

I have also nearly choked to death on chewing gum. It was in school, and we aren't allowed gun in school, but everyone always has it. So you could always get some anyway. It was during a class, and the teacher had asked me a question, and I was just coughing so much to make it reach the top of my throat. The worst was I sort of spat it out, onto the table, managing to save my life and answering the question. It all happened too fast for even the teacher not to realise.

Party Gum 
More on the embarrassing side. It was a birthday party and before we were to do anything we were to eat. I had gum in my mouth and had just eaten cereals, so food wasn't on my mind. You either ate or made the birthday girl upset, but I didnt't have anywhere to put my gum, so I stucked it under my chair. After a while of eating and talking I realised the gum had come off, of the chair and stuck onto my jeggings. If this has happened to you, then you know how hard it is to remove gum from your clothing. For the rest of the party, I just had some sort of white mark, that was quite sticky.

Those were all of my fun and embarrissing gum stories, and by the looks I did have a lot for chewing gum stories.

Happy Tuesday! <3