Saturday, 27 September 2014

10 Little Secrets

Hey Everyone!

It's been a very big while since I've done some sort of tag, but this one is much more helpful than the others, as it will include some secrets about health, beauty, and even a personal secret.

What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars?
The first thing I could think of was anything to do with lips, and even further would have to be lipstick mostly the colours that suit my skin tone best, or that are just the best for everyday use.
My favourtie lipstick is Bad Girl by RiRi (MAC), I just love the colour so much, that all the time I wear it I feel very powerful and like a million dollars.

What's your skincare secret?
I actually do get told that I have really soft hands, even face, and my secret is to not overload your skin with lotion or anything alike. Your skin does need to breath sometimes, so if I do need to appy lotion or any cream I tend to do it once or twice a week. But if you do need some skin products every day then do use them, like for me it's my pimple remover cream. Overall drink lots of water, and thoroughly was your skin every night or every morning.

Share your hair care secret?
My hair at the moment is very dry, because of all of the sun that I caught while I was on holiday, but I'm working on it at the moment. My secret would have to be not to wash your hair everyday, something around every other day or every other other day, but because I have long curly hair, every other day is best. I would maybe also say 2in1 is a no no for me, and maybe for you too, because the shampoo & conditioner are mixed so there's less of the conditioner, which is the main priority for my hair.

What is your biggest diet rule?
Wait for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if you really want to snack choose healthy options, like fruit or an energy bar.

Any workout tips?
Always take the alternative. For example choose the stairs instead of the elevator, or park your car futher and walk the rest left. I always try to do anything that will make a difference.

Which perfume is your secret weapon?
Valentina by Valentino is my secret weapon. I always get told, "you smell really nice," whenever I wear this perfume and all I thank is the sweet, but fierce scent.

Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads.

I wish I had the full picture and the actual item with me, but I left it Madeira, which I regret now.

It was basically this crop top that was too cropped, which I didn't realise when I bought it, so I used it as some sort of beach cover up, but only for the upper body part. It did turn some heads at the beach, but because I was still wearing clothes not so many did.

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?
I actually don't have any, but to give some sort of answer...

This would probably be my favourite necklace right now, because it's so mysterious with just the small 'a' at the end, and it's fun to see people trying to figure out what the 'a' means at the end of the tag.

Who is your style crush?
Kylie Jenner! I lover her style so so much, how it's just chilled but edgy, which is something I always try to add to whatever I'm wearing, but to get it to look like hers is a big task.

Tell us something we don't know about you.
Keeping it related to secrets, I always sleep with my hair in a plait or a fishtale braid, because then I don't wake up with messy hair and my hair is much more easier to touch up. It aslo gives you the messy braid type hairstyle, if it's not too too messy.

Happy Saturday!  :D